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As more and more new casinos online try to establish themselves as the most popular choice, regulations are becoming stricter and it’s posing various problems. As of now, new casinos have an easy ride in getting the relevant licences in their jurisdictions, but it’s apparent such regulations are going to be harder to abide by coming into 2018. This is almost certainly because some new casinos take off with player deposits, whereas others have casino games that are “rigged”.


How Could Regulations Affect the Industry?


As stated above, certain regulations are quite easy to adapt to for new casinos, but because of the host of problems some online players have, it means more governments and regulators are getting involved to try and crack down on the casinos that are taking advantage. For example, if you look at some of the regulations already in place – some casinos are only allowed to advertise promotional limits that attract players in minimal ways. Other ways such regulations could affect the industry in 2018 is when it comes to player bonuses. As of now, fresh players get an excellent first deposit bonus, but as 2018 comes ever closer, new online casinos will have to limit bonuses, depending on the jurisdiction they operate in.


Fewer Deposit Methods


It’s not just new casinos that are posing a problem to governments and regulators around the world; it’s also criminal players who are using casinos to launder funds. The deposit and withdrawal process is already getting stricter in that respect, but players do still launder money with the help of casinos around the world. They do this by taking advantage of the many different payment methods on offer. So, in 2018, regulators will want to cut down on the payment methods available, which could impact the players who already use them legally.


Stricter Deposit and Withdrawal Limits


As regulations get tighter in the online casino industry, it’s not just the variety of deposit and withdrawal methods that could be limited; it’s also the deposit and withdrawal limits themselves. As of now, online players can deposit thousands into their new casino accounts, but as regulators crack down on the “bad casinos” out there, it could mean players suffer in terms of the money they can play with and win.


Fewer Games and Market Options


There are already hundreds of thousands of games to choose from when it comes to gambling online, but regulators could soon put a limit on the variety of games and markets available to limit “rigged gaming software”. It’s obvious the industry is getting a bad name for itself because of the companies that are trying to scam individual gamers, so regulators are doing everything they can to put an end to this.


There’s no doubt that the online casino industry will continue to thrive as we go into 2018, but new casinos can be sure they’re going to have a tougher time getting hold of the relevant licences to ensure their operation is completely legal. Potentially, this could have a negative impact on a player’s experience, but regulators and governments are only trying to better the experience to ensure it’s as safe as possible for both players and online casinos.